Floor Sticker - Covid-19 


Use this Floor Sticker - Covid-19 to make it easier to give the distance between individuals when standing in a queue. Floor Sticker - Covid-19 is suitable for use in various public spaces such as:

  • Airport
  • Hospital
  • Bank
  • Station
  • Terminal

Product Specifications

Product Type: Floor Sticker - Covid-19

Material: Vinyl Sticker White (Using an Indoor Eco-Solvent Printer)

Size Options:

  • 30 x 30 cm
  • 40 x 40 cm

Product Advantages:

  • Print using the Indoor Eco-Solvent Printer
  • The print is sharp and doesn’t fade when exposed to water
  • The sticker doesn’t require lamination

Price Calculator

40 x 40 cm
Total : Rp. 82.500,00
Unit Price :Rp. 27.500,00

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