Swatch Book TUF


Gunakan Swatch book ini sebagai panduan dalam menentukan aplikasi yang sesuai dengan konsep designmu dalam menggunakan Finishing TUF (Texture UV Finish).

Spesifikasi Produk

Product Type: Swatch Book TUF

Book (Size): A6 (10,5 x 14,8 cm)

Number of Pages: 35 Pages (Include Cover & Devider)


  • Section 1:  How To Prepare Files (5 Pages)
  • Section 2:  Application Example (10 Pages)
  • Section 3:  Recommended Materials (10 Pages)


Textured UV Finish (TUF) is a coating option with chemical embossed up to a thickness of 250 microns, when combined with a doft laminating material it produces a spot gloss effect and a unique texture.

Video Sample:

Advantages of Using TUF Digital Digital Finishing:

  • Gloss Unit = 99 GU; highest glossy grade available for printing materials
  • Polymer height up to 250 microns, 100x higher than common varnish processes
  • Can choose density variablely (1 - 100%)
  • The "lens effect" makes the colors in TUF prints stand out more
  • Implementing digital processes, allowing for variable data processing, and on demand

Create finishing for your print materials with our skills and technology,!

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