Scuba Seam Mask – Custom Print


Use this Scuba Seam Mask - Custom Print to protect Onliners when running various activities outside the home. This Scuba Seam Mask - Custom Print has benefits:

  • Blocking droplets particle and dust (anti-droplets and dust)
  • Prevents Coronavirus infection (Covid-19)

Product Specifications

Product Type: Scuba Seam Mask - Custom Print

Material: Premium Scuba 285 gsm

Product Size (Adult):

  • Width: 16 cm (Folded) & 32 cm (Open)
  • Height: 13 cm

Product Size (Kids):

  • Width: 16 cm (Folded) & 32 cm (Open)
  • Height: 13 cm

Product Advantages:

  • Smooth, thick, and comfortable material to wear
  • Custom print with Sublime Ink, so it’s safe to wear
  • Bright White media color, very suitable for printing because it will not change the color of the design
  • Can be washed and used repeatedly
  • Size is designed wider so that the mask coverage can reach the lower chin
  • The nose joints on the mask use the seam method instead of being sewn so that it's neater
  • Cut using die-cut (not laser), so it's comfortable to use
  • Scuba material density is very good, so it's safe

Important Instructions

  • Don't wash Scuba Seam Mask - Custom Print with a washing machine or brush, just soak them in soapy water for 30 minutes, then rinse with running water while rubbing gently to remove soap
  • Dry in a symmetrical position on the left and right, don't hang it only on the ears
  • Don't spray with disinfectants or alcohol

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Kid1515Rp. 15.000,00
1650Rp. 13.000,00
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