Just Click and Done is a print-commerce platform developed by PT Bintang Sempurna since 2018, to provide convenience for individual and corporate customers who have needs for both digital print / offset printing, business cards, stationery,photo books, calendars, promotional needs, sign and display, to special products, through a few easy steps.

PT Bintang Sempurna itself for 30 years continues to innovate in providing integrated solutions related to printing, both in document size - up to large format sizes, both digital and offset, as well as document services, & digital finishing.

Continuous development through an opening of the Head Office - on Jl. Bendungan Hilir Raya 46, Jakarta in 1995,  PT Bintang Sempurna started its 24-hour service in 2004, and not only invested in machinery, the latest technology, also invested in quality human resources.

This rapid development continued with the opening of the Hi-Q branch in 2005, and Star Printing in 2011, which is also located on Jl. Bendungan Hilir Raya, Jakarta.

In 2016, Sempurna Printing - Pasar Minggu relocated its business to Palmerah, Jakarta. is an e-commerce platform that specializes in printing products developed by PT Bintang Sempurna. has a mission to make it easier for individual and corporate consumers who have printing needs (digital print / offset print). is a solution for sticker printing, banner printing, transparent sticker printing, label sticker printing, A3 printing, A3 art paper printing, A3 sticker printing, sticker label printing, banner printing, x banner printing, roll banner printing, roll sticker printing, print cromo sticker, a3 transparent sticker printing, cutting sticker printing, a3 sticker printing, sticker label roll printing, and print a3 art paper.

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There are many product categories available at, namely Covid-19 Protection, Print A3+, Print Roll, Label & Packaging, Business Cards, Marketing Materials, Business Stationery, Promotional Items, Calendar, Photobook, Sign Display, Special Products.

The products available in the Covid-19 Protection category are Hygienic Key Chain, Hygienic Key Chain-Custom Print, Face Shield-Plain, Scuba Seam Mask-Custom Print, Scuba Spread Mask-Custom Print, Face-Custom Shield, Face Shield-Custom Logo, Kids Face Shield-Custom Logo, Kids Face Shield-Cute Animals, Tripod Banner 60 x 120 cm, Bench Sticker-Covid 19, Floor Sticker-Covid 19, Face Sticker, Pin.

Products in the Print A3 + category include POD A3 + (CYMK), POD A3 + (Silver Metallic Ink), Soft Cover Binding, Soft Cover Binding-PUR, Sticker White A3 +, Sticker White + Metallic Ink A3 +, Sticker Transparent A3 +, Sticker + Transparent Metallic Ink A3 +, Sticker Metallized A3 +.

Products in the Print Roll category are Print Outdoor FF Korea 440 gsm, Print Outdoor FF Germany 510 gsm, Print Outdoor FF China 440 gsm, Albatros Print. Meanwhile, products in the Packaging & Label category consist of Label White-Round (CYMK), Label White-Round (Silver Metallic Ink), Label Clear-Round (CYMK), Label Clear-Round (Silver Metallic Ink), and Paper Bag.

The series of products in the Business Cards category are Business Cards, Premium Business Card-3 Layers, and UKM Business Card. In addition, the Marketing Materials category has products such as Flyer (Digital), Flyer (Offset Print), Paket UKM # 1, Paket UKM # 2, Paket UKM # 3, and Paket UKM # 4.

Meanwhile, the Stationery category has a range of products in the form of Certificates, ID Card, ID Card (Silver Metallic Ink), Memo Book-Wooden, Memo Book-Sphinx, and Trodat Stamps. For the Promotional Items category, there are products such as Mug, Personalised Sport Bottles, Personalised Tumbler Sublime, Personalised Glass Photo Frame, Personalised Rock Photo Slate, T-Shirt, Display Plate, Hat, Pin, Stock Key Rings, and Handheld Fan. Oh yes, there is also a Calendar category, so you can order a Minimalist Desk Calendar.

The products available in the Photobook category are Landscape Photobook Q4, Portrait Photobook Q4, Square Photobook (14 x 14 cm), Square Photobook (20 x 20 cm). In addition, the Sign Display category has a series of products such as X-Banner, Roll Up Banner, Mini Custom Standee, ACP Poster, Acrylic Poster, Canvas Frame, Pole Stand Banner A3 (LED), Lenticular Print (Poster), Decorative Canvas Panel 1, Decorative Canvas Panel 2, Decorative Canvas Panel 3, Decorative Canvas Panel 4.

Lastly, there is a Special Product category, namely a series of products such as Map Texture, Lenticular Print, Lenticular Print (Poster), Crystal 3D Laser, Puzzle, Basic to Advance Photography Card, 3D MDF Toys, 3D MDF Toys-Slingshot Gun, and Candelight-3D LED Lamp.

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