Acrylic Photo Block


Make every collection of your precious photos into this Acrylic Photo Block. Acrylic Photo Block is a photo that can be printed directly using UV Print technology on a diamond polished acrylic block with a thickness of 20 mm.

This Acrylic Photo Block can be placed standalone on a table or display rack. This Acrylic Photo Block is very vibrant and has a 3-dimensional effect because it uses transparent media.

Product Specifications

Product Type: Acrylic Clear 20 mm (Diamond Polished)

Size Options:

  • 10 x 10 cm (20 mm)
  • 20 x 15 cm (20 mm)

Print: UV Flatbed CYMK + W (On the Back of Media)

Product Advantages:

  • The Diamond Polished process beautifies the edge of the block so that it looks crystal clear
  • Acrylic Photo Block has a 3D Color Pop & Vibrancy effect
  • The edge of the Acrylic Photo Block uses polished diamonds so that it looks more vibrant
  • The edge corners in Acrylic Photo Block are translucent so that more light enters and causes refraction which gives an image illumination effect and produces a 3-dimensional effect
  • Processed with Direct UV Printing so as to produce a more solid product quality
  • Suitable for display throughout the house
  • The production process is faster because it’s done in house
  • Products can be sent throughout Indonesia
SizeQuantity FromQuantity ToPrice
10 x 10 cm (20mm)15Rp. 120.000,00
610Rp. 115.000,00
1150Rp. 110.000,00
51200Rp. 105.000,00
201999999Rp. 100.000,00
20 x 15 cm (20mm)15Rp. 285.000,00
610Rp. 276.250,00
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