UV Flatbed Print

UV Flatbed Print


Design your visual communication media in an attractive and creative way using this world-class UV Flatbed Print method. UV Flatbed Print is a printing mode that gives you the flexibility to print directly on almost all types of media.

UV Flatbed Print can be used on a variety of flexible and rigid media such as aluminum, glass, wood, or acrylic. All of these flexible and rigid media can be formed into various applications as needed.

Product Specifications

Product Type: UV Flatbed Print

Media Options:

  • Only Print Services
  • 27 Rigid Media Options


  • Print area: up to 200 cm x 250 cm
  • Maximum media thickness: 50 mm

UV Ink Color Options:

  • CMYK
  • White
  • CMYK+White
  • Sandwich (CMYK+W+CMYK) Special Transparent Acrylic

Print Side Options:

  • 1 Side
  • 2 Sides

Digital Cutting Options:

  • Standard
  • Detail

Product Advantages:

  • Able to produce quality prints quickly
  • UV ink can be applied to a variety of media, including rigid media
  • Can print individually, without a minimum order quantity
  • You can add digital cutting following the contours according to the design file

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