Get this Pin for your various needs. This Pin can be used for various purposes such as:

  • Personal needs to print a variety of favorite images on the Pin
  • The need for business promotion 
  • Personal branding needs for political activities

Product Specifications

Product Type: Mug


  • Hook: Safety pin
  • Pin: Plastic

Size Options:

  • 44 mm
  • 58 mm
  • 75 mm

Textured UV Finish (TUF): 

  • No TUF
  • TUF 1 Sided

Product Advantages:

  • Easily linked to various garment surfaces
  • The hook is strong and does not bend easily
  • The color results in Pin images are sharp and long-lasting
  • Textured UV Finish (TUF) can be added on 1 side
SizeQuantity FromQuantity ToPrice
44 mm15Rp. 7.500,00
650Rp. 6.500,00
51100Rp. 5.000,00
101500Rp. 4.000,00
5011000Rp. 3.000,00
1001999999Rp. 2.000,00
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Total : Rp. 7.500,00
Unit Price :Rp. 7.500,00
Estimated Total : Rp. 7.500,00
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